Forbes Music Student Help Center


Online classes do not require significant setup or investment in order for you to take part. The most important thing is that you feel good about the content and delivery of all the new and exciting information coming your way!

As long as you can see and hear the instructor and their demonstration, and the instructor can see and hear you and your demonstration (when necessary), you will be in great shape. The goal is to start playing or learning about music, so this basic requirement is the most critical element.

To have a great experience in your online class, all you need is three things:

  1. Your instrument
  2. Internet connection
  3. Video/audio device (laptop, tablet, etc.)

Ask the teacher if your camera is placed in a sufficient location to achieve optimal viewing. You want the teacher to identify any potential technique issues or bad habits, so the more detail they can see, the better.

If you are an advanced musician or have the resources to build an advanced setup, you may wish to consider upgraded microphones, headphones, and an audio interface. However, It is not necessary to make investments into expensive gear in order to get started, and we recommend trying a few classes before any significant changes to your current setup.