Forbes Music Student Help Center

Subscription Plans

For the deepest discounts company-wide, Forbes Music students have the option of signing up for Online Lesson Subscription Plans. Subscription Plans are allotments of lessons to be scheduled within a quarterly or annual subscription period time frame, and include MASSIVE incentives, FREE Office Hours, and FREE Online Class credits.

Quarterly Subscriptions 

  • 13 lessons over a 13 week period 

  • Roughly 10% OFF! 

  • FREE package of up to 3 Office Hours

  • Up to 2 FREE Online Class credits

  • Huge discounts for referrals!

Annual Subscriptions 

  • 52 lessons over a 52 week period 

  • Roughly 20% OFF! 

  • FREE package of up to 10 Office Hours

  • Up to 5 FREE Online Class credits

  • Huge discounts for referrals!

With Subscription Plans, clients take advantage of our special features like Repertoire Tracker, Performance Captures, File Sharing, and Achievement Certificates!

Subscription periods are not predetermined, and therefore not prorated. The period will commence at the start date of the client’s choosing. From there, clients will receive an invoice reminder one week prior to the subscription renewal date. The clients card will be automatically processed on the renewal date. Please review our Help Center article regarding updating your billing information and what happens if payment is declined and not received by the due date.

It is not required for lessons to take place each week. The same teacher is not required for all lessons. Lessons can be scheduled on a recurring basis, however teacher availability is not guaranteed. So with extra flexibility, clients can skip weeks without lessons or schedule multiple lessons per week until all lessons are completed.

Lessons can not be credited or rolled over to subsequent billing cycles and any unused lessons at the end of a subscription period will be forfeited. Cancellations and rescheduling is subject to our cancellation policy.