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What if my teacher is not available to reschedule my lesson?

Rescheduling lessons can be subject to teacher availability. It is not required to reschedule a lesson with the same teacher with whom the lesson was originally scheduled.

Rescheduling in-home lessons can create a complex logistical challenge, due to the fact that teachers often configure their in-home teaching schedules to maximize their productive teaching time and minimize their time on the road. Because of this, only limited options may be available, or potentially none at all.

If a teacher has no availability to reschedule an in-home lesson, one option may be to conduct the lesson virtually, online. This may alleviate the logistical scheduling challenges, and open possibilities on the calendar.

If a teacher has no in-home or online lesson availability, reallocation options may be the best bet. Please see our Help Center article regarding lesson reallocation to find options that will best suit you.