Forbes Music Student Help Center

What makes Forbes Music different?

The key to answering this question lies in the “why” and the “how.”

Forbes Music was built by teachers, students, and parents. It was with all stakeholders in mind that our policies were carefully crafted to ensure equal representation and support for all people, needs, interests, and concerns. Read more about Our Mission and Our Credo.

We developed tools and technology to help teachers deliver a superior product. From learning tools and resources, to technology platforms that help manage their students and schedule, our support and facilitation helps teachers focus on what they do best – teach.

Our unique vetting practices help distill applicants to the best in the business. So any teacher we choose to partner with has the skills to make lessons a great experience. In addition, we provide best-in-class concierge service for both teachers and clients, and have been recognized nationally for this achievement.

Forbes Music has several channels for clients to find the kind of music education they seek. From in-home private lessons, to virtual lessons and live, online classes, we’re positioned to help just about all clients obtain the music education they’re looking for.

Our ease of scheduling and service delivery sets the industry standard to which all our competitors are compared.

Bottom line: We deliver exceptional experiences. Give us a try, and see for yourself.