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Why are packages and subscriptions only available for online lessons?

Package and subscription plans are only available for online lessons. Online lessons and in-home lessons share many of the same wonderful qualities, but greatly differ when it comes to logistics, planning, and scheduling.

Online lessons pose far fewer logistical hurdles than in-home lessons, allowing for far greater flexibility and scheduling plan options. Availability of teachers is significantly greater and more flexible without the travel burden. The number of available teachers with whom to work increases tremendously when scheduling online.

Due to the nature of in-home lessons, the travel burden, and logistical planning that come along with it, in-home lessons unfortunately cannot accommodate the same kind of flexible scheduling and availability as online lessons. For these reasons, subscription plans do not work well in delivering a viable client experience.

Cancellations of in-home lessons will have a much different effect on a teacher’s schedule than online lesson cancellations; therefore, cancellation and rescheduling policies are not the same for online and in-home lessons. These are some examples of why scheduling plans for in-home lessons are unable to share the same flexibility of online lesson plans.