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Why can I get a refund if a teacher cancels but not when I cancel?

Forbes Music works tirelessly to create an atmosphere of respect, understanding, and care. With both internal clients (teachers) and external clients (students), finding that happy medium where all stakeholders feel cared for and heard is our top priority. We are able retain amazing teachers and professional educators because of our commitment to treating them with utmost respect. And we work with remarkable clients, creative and thoughtful people we are grateful for patronizing our services. Scheduling lessons represents a commitment by students to procure music education services and reserve a teacher’s time; teachers commit to provide exceptional music education experiences for those that reserve that time.  The teachers with whom we work are committed to their craft, and enjoy what it means to be working with an organization like Forbes Music Company. They spend countless hours preparing for their lessons and working on teaching strategies to make the client experience great. We have weekly calls with teachers to help plan their lessons, and talk through methodologies and lesson content to make sure clients are maximizing their potential. Teachers also reserve time in their schedules for client’s lessons, often on a repeating, weekly basis. These lesson times are not open and available for others, but reserved for those that pay in advance for that time. When a client cancels their lesson, the teacher is often left unable to fill a vacancy in their calendar, and therefore bear a burden for loss of work. Refunding clients for lessons the client arbitrarily cancels devalues the teacher’s work and commitment, forces the teacher to bear the financial burden, and perpetuates the struggles that artists often go through in order to find financial success in their line of work. To that end, should a client cancel a lesson, the teacher should have the ability to recover the loss in the form of alternative scheduling options. For many musicians and artists, teaching is their primary source of income. In lieu of refunds, we do offer a host of alternative solutions to make sure clients are getting the services they need and consistent our mission. When a teacher cancels a lesson, not only do we provide clients with the same rescheduling or reallocation alternatives, but we also provide the option of a refund (plan limitations). When scheduling a lesson, we believe a commitment is made in kind, and teachers should respect and value the client’s commitment the same as their own. When a teacher does not follow through with that expectation, it will be the teacher’s responsibility to bear that burden, which may result in loss of work or compensation. To that end, should a teacher cancel a lesson, the client should have the ability to recover the loss where applicable.