Forbes Music Student Help Center

Withdrawal from Subscription Plan (Online Only)

We value our Subscription Plan clients, and work diligently to provide a great experience. Clients signed up for a subscription plan are not required to work with the same teacher each lesson. Should a client wish to study with a new teacher, we will work diligently to provide available options. If a teacher is no longer available, efforts will be made to ensure clients are well accommodated with a new teacher.

In the event that a client is signed up for a subscription plan, and subsequently chooses to withdraw for any reason after at least one lesson has been completed, our withdrawal policy will take effect as follows:

All completed or partially completed lessons will be repriced at the weekly billing rate (approximately 10-20% higher).

All completed Office Hours that were part of the FREE bonus package will be repriced at the regular Office Hour billing rate.

All completed Online Group Classes attended that were part of the FREE bonus class credits will be repriced at the regular class rate.

Of the remaining balance for uncompleted lessons, clients will have two options:

  1. The full balance remaining will be issued in the form of a Gift Certificate.
  2. 75% of the remaining balance can be refunded to the original payment method.

If a client chooses to withdraw from the subscription plan before any lessons have been completed for that term, a refund for the total amount, less a 5% transaction fee, will be processed.