Learning Music: Making Music a Family Pastime

The power of music goes well beyond tickling your eardrums, getting you moving, or eliciting strong emotions with rich harmonies or powerful storytelling. Music brings families together. For parents, the thought of their children playing instruments together can bring a smile that no tantrum will dissolve.

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How does music benefit different age groups?

Obviously, music can benefit kids of different age groups and backgrounds. While music can help children develop fine motor skills, cognitive function, and strong listening skills, it’s also an amazing social connector for teens and young adults. Despite generational differences, music can be a gateway to help teenagers and children connect to their parents.

And regardless of the age of the listener or what language a song is being sung in, everyone from all walks of life can hear or feel the beats and vibrations. Melody is language agnostic, so everyone from everywhere can enjoy it. Children can feel and respond to the meter and pulse. In short, music is for everyone.

What activities can be done with music?

Leaning into the social aspect, music with your family is another way to bring people closer. The variety of musical activities families can experience together include karaoke, family band where everyone chooses what they would like to play, making instruments out of household items, writing songs together, listening critically to music.

Creating and sustaining family music traditions are one way families can show the importance of arts and humanities, and pass that love onto their children. Instilling culture in children and showing the value of creative endeavors, both as a creator and one who appreciates, is just one component of raising well rounded children. These musical pastimes will only strengthen the bond children have for music as they grow older, and in turn, pass the love onto their children as well.

Why is music important to families?

mom and dad helping sone with piano lessonsThe benefits of music for families goes well beyond developmental and social aspects. Music has shown to calm your nervous system and reduce stress. And making music has shown to decrease anxiety and improve overall mental health. This, in turn, can create a more peaceful and happier home. Sharing a bond over music can bridge generational gaps and overcome frustrating emotional and communication barriers.

Music can also bring families together. Attending your child’s recitals and performances and bringing extended family together, specifically over the holidays, are different ways music can make that impact. Attending live music concerts is a brilliant way parents and kids can have fun together, provide endless conversation subject matter, and be included in each other’s lives.

With fall and winter gatherings right around the corner, there are a number of musical activities that everyone can participate in like singing classic holiday songs around the piano, playing music bingo and name that song!

And of course, actually playing music with your family or children is the ultimate experience. Playing music with anyone requires cooperation, listening, collaboration, and teamwork. There are few things that can bring families together in such a way. If you have ever dreamt of playing an instrument with your family (or without), or having your friends and family gather round the piano for the holidays, now is the time to learn. You can learn to sing, play the guitar, piano, ukulele and more with Forbes Music Company.

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