How Forbes Music Makes Online Lessons Easy

Navigating virtual platforms is becoming a necessity for school, work, and our extracurricular activities. Though it has become commonplace, it can be difficult to remain both stimulated and motivated while interacting virtually, especially if you are looking at screens all day long. How do we make online lessons easy?

At Forbes Music Company, we understand the desire for an amazing music education experience regardless of whether it takes place online or in-person. Our excellent teachers are experienced in keeping students interested and engaged as they transition their music education online. Here are some ways that Forbes Music makes online lessons easy and accessible:

Online Lessons in a Nutshell

Our online lessons offer students a wide array of teacher options and availability. Lessons can be conducted via multiple video conference software options including Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and many more. 

Logging In

Logging into a virtual lesson is as easy as the click of a button. You can readily access your teacher’s meeting room from the calendar in your Forbes Music account. From there, you will essentially be requesting permission to join the teacher’s session whenever you open your video conferencing software. Links are included in all email lesson reminders, and they can be easily accessed by clicking the link provided. Unfortunately, FaceTime is not supported through this method.  

Teacher making Online lessons easy

Cool Tools

Our online lessons come with a host of tools that teachers can use to simulate an in-person experience. From whiteboarding and note taking, to sharing documents, files, pictures and music, virtual lessons offer a space for sharing and collaboration that rivals in-home lessons. Our online lessons can also be recorded for review throughout the week!

Setup for Success

Whether on a laptop or mobile device, virtual lessons offer the convenience of being able to take lessons anywhere. That being said, there are some notable ways that you can enhance the experience. Backlighting your workspace offers visual clarity, making it easier for your teacher to help you navigate your instrument. Though not required, external microphones can also enhance your virtual learning experience. Just like in-home lessons, students can take advantage of our special features like Repertoire Tracker, Performance Capture, Shared Lesson Notes, and File Sharing.

Office Hours

Struggling with a question but don’t need or have time for a full lesson? Do you have questions about a technique or need a teacher’s guidance through some challenging material? Then, you might benefit from our new online “check-in” option—Office Hours.

Office Hours are 15-minute scheduled online “lessons,” and they are a fantastic way for students to get extra help, better explanations, or short refreshers from a teacher. While they can be a great resource if you are preparing for auditions or recitals, they also are a great supplement to private lessons whether in-home or online. You can also use Office Hours as a way to reallocate any missed lessons.

As the paradigm shifts from an in-person experience to one that is primarily virtual, Forbes Music Company wants the transition to be seamless. We are dedicated to an exceptional and approachable learning experience, and we believe that virtual learning can sustain our vision.

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