Music Enrichment Classes


Music classes are a great way to get started learning and have fun. Forbes Music not only provides in-home private music lessons, we also run music enrichment classes! These classes are a great addition to an after school group class schedule or community center offering. Inquire about details and how to get these classes at your school or event center!

Singing Sensations
Number of participants: 3(min) – 10(max)
Ages: K-2 or 3-5 grades
Length: 60min classtime
Special requirements: Piano, movement space.
Class description: 

Ever want to learn to sing? Everybody gets to feel like a performer. Through familiar melodies, creative dancing/movement, and fun games, learn how to sing, keep rhythm, and perform songs we all know and love! Incorporate movement with singing to learn simple and fun musical concepts like beats, rhythm, and pitch. This is a perfect class to introduce music into our lives. Music has been proven to improve learning and raise test scores, so get a jump start on your kids’ music education! This class is a great introduction to music for our budding stars.


Intro to Piano!
Number of participants: 3(min) – 10(max) for one teacher
Ages: K-2 or 3-5 grades
Length: 60min class time + 30min setup + 30min breakdown (120min total)
Special requirements: Keyboards, power supply, headphones
Class description:

Get started mimicking Mozart, or jamming like Billy Joel! This is not only your chance to learn about the keyboard and how it works, but learn about all things piano! You’ll be playing your first song by the end of the first class and we’ll have a performance for the finale! Keyboards are provided in class, but a piano at home to practice with is helpful.



Learn To Play Guitar!
Number of participants: 3(min) – 10(max) for one teacher
Ages: 3-5 grades
Length: 60min classtime + 15min setup + 15min breakdown (90min total)
Special requirements: Students bring their own instruments.
Class description:

Be the next Guitar Hero and learn how to play guitar today! Get started with easy, fun, and familiar songs we all love. Play melodies and strum chords of popular tunes, while learning the basics of technique, rhythm, and musicianship. Warning: May lead to Confidence, Improved Fine Motor Skills, and a Life Long Passion for Music! Be the rock star you’ve dreamed about!



Violin Virtuosos!
Number of participants: 3(min) – 8(max) for one teacher
Ages: 3-4 grades or 4-6 grades
Length: 60min class time + 15min setup + 15min breakdown (90min total)
Special requirements: Students bring their own instruments
Class description:
From classical music to Cold Play, the sound of the violin is everywhere! Lets dive into familiar songs we all know and love. We can learn some more of the basics and technique, but we’ll also have fun creating our own string ensemble. Beware: Kids might develop a life long passion for the violin and recognize all the wonderful possibilities the instrument holds. So don’t be surprised if they come home humming familiar songs and sit down to practice.


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