Music Lessons During Flu Season

Due to the particularly rampant and vicious flu this year, we wanted to share some reminders about how to have healthy music lessons and our illness cancellation policy.
Disinfecting instruments.

We become especially diligent with cleaning our homes, especially during flu season. But often times, our instruments are missed. Cleaning and disinfecting your instruments after every use is one of the easiest ways to prevent spreading germs. Here are some tips for cleaning your instruments.

For piano/keyboard:
  • Store bought cleaners are too harsh and abrasive on delicate keys. Try using a simple solution of warm water and dish soap on a clean towel to wipe down keys.
  • When wiping keys, make sure to only use a small amount of water/cleaning solution. Wiping towards you on each individual key will ensure that no moisture seeps between keys causing harm to the instrument.
  • Clean octave by octave, making sure to use a dry cloth to
  • For electric keyboards it is especially important to clean all power buttons or other dials used. Make sure to again only use a small amount of water/natural cleaning solution when wiping down the instrument.
For guitars: 
  • The easiest time to clean is when changing strings so the fretboard is exposed.
  • Using a slightly damp cloth, wipe down the fretboard and immediately use a dry cloth to remove any leftover moisture.
  • Use extra caution when cleaning an acoustic guitar where the paint/glaze is cracked as any moisture could damage the wood.
For woodwinds and brass:
  • A cleaning procedure usually becomes part of your routine for when assembling your instrument before playing.
  • Remember to launder or replace all cloths used to wipe down the inside of your instrument regularly.
  • Don’t share mouth pieces or reeds!
Cancel early to reduce spreading illness. 
If you or your child are starting to feel run down or have that tell-tale back of the throat scratch, it is always better to cancel your lesson. While we understand that this choice can be disappointing and finding a reschedule date can sometimes be challenging, it’s always better in the long run.
music lessons flu season
Our teachers work with multiple families a day and do their best to stay healthy for everyone. You can help your teacher and your family by cancelling your lesson when you or someone in your family is or has been sick.
We understand that illnesses are unpredictable and can often present symptoms with only a few hours notice. Canceling your lesson, even with late notice, is still the best option. You will have the chance to rest and recover and reduce the risk of spreading anything to your teacher. This way, you can prevent more lessons in the future to be cancelled by you or your teacher.

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