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Ready to learn a fun and diverse social instrument that will draw in those around you? Virtual ukulele lessons are just what you need. Learn to play this unique instrument from an award winning ukulele instructor with Forbes Music.

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We offer virtual classes online, so you can learn to play ukulele from the comfort of your own home but still get the personalized attention to get the most from your lessons. Discover the nuances of the instrument and explore your goals and interests for a personalized, tailored music lesson experience.

Online Ukulele Lessons For All Skill Levels

Our virtual ukulele classes are for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. For younger children that are not yet ready to learn guitar, lessons in ukulele can provide a great foundation. Ukulele lessons can also be a helpful introduction to working with stringed instruments, as many concepts will carry over. Whether you have played several instruments before or this is your first time picking one up, Forbes Music virtual lessons are built for you.

The Uniqueness of the Ukulele

Underrated in its application, ukulele is a far more versatile instrument than it’s given credit for. In addition to being an important element in island music, we hear ukulele throughout contemporary music, and even more recently, in a significant amount of pop music. Singer-songwriters have harnessed the beautiful, unique sound of the ukulele to accompany vocals for a powerful sound.