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If you are ready to start making music and the lifelong rewards of a music education, selecting a teacher is the most important decision you will make. Forbes Music makes that decision easy with the best network of highly qualified, experienced, and talented music teachers in your area. Our teachers are dedicated to providing you with the best music education at your own pace, and personalized to your goals and interests. As professional music educators, musicians, and performers, Forbes Music teachers are inspiring ambassadors for music and music education. They have a positive attitude, a sincere love of teaching music, and they love watching their students grow both musically and personally.

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Forbes Music sets the highest standard for music education, whether at your home in private lessons or in the classroom. Our music teachers are graduates of the most prestigious institutions and have earned outstanding recognition for their accomplishments both in the classroom and on stage. Forbes Music teachers are qualified to teach all genres and styles of music - and they make music education exciting, fun, and inspiring.

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Our music lessons will inspire the casual music lover, motivate the serious musician, build confidence, and lead to a joyful expression of creativity. Lessons with a Forbes Music teacher also cultivate personal, professional, and academic growth. Our thorough and holistic approach to teaching is why we say that we not only teach music, but “We teach some of life's greatest lessons.”

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Finding the right teacher for you has never been easier. Forbes Music is your link to the best music teachers and we’re local to your area! Our teachers are rigorously screened, highly qualified, and student-driven. We want to know what inspires you, what drives you, and what you musical goals are so we can plan to help you achieve them. Our teachers can assess your individual needs and interests, and then develop a personalized program to help you achieve those musical objectives by setting realistic goals. You can develop a sense of confidence and mastery at each step along their musical journey.

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