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Easy Guitar Songs: 4 Chord Favorites

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Play tunes and build repertoire. From Beatles and Bob Dylan to pop todays artists, use a few simple chords to play the songs you love.
October 5, 2020
5.00pm - 5.50pm ET

Easy Guitar Songs: 4 Chord Favorites

In this class we will be covering songs that we all know and love, all of which can be played with four chords or less. Most of the songs will have some chords in common, making life easy!

Even with little to no experience, this class is a great start to building your repertoire. Most chords used in this course will be EASY 3-string variations of the full chord, so everyone can play them, even beginners! If you already know how to play or have a basic working knowledge of open chords on the guitar, this class can help you learn to put them together and make music.

Each of the chords will be covered in-depth individually, before learning the chord progressions for each song. Strumming patterns will also be covered, that range in difficulty from super-easy to slightly-challenging.

Examples of songs covered in these classes: Eleanor Rigby, I’m Yours, Take Me Home Country Roads, and Sweet Home Alabama.

Topics covered include: Styles (Pop, Rock, Folk, Country), Repertoire, Songs, Strumming, 3-String Chords, Open Chords, Chord Progressions, Chord Diagrams, C, G, D, Em, Am, F

This class is perfect for: This class is perfect for everyone from complete beginners who have zero experience to more advanced beginners/early intermediate who just want a few more tunes under their belt.

After this class, you will be able to: After completing this class, you will be able to play AT LEAST 4 tunes that everybody knows and loves. You will also learn how to read chord diagrams as well as all the easy-to-play 3-string chords that make up these songs. Basic techniques such as fretting notes and strumming with a pick will be covered as well.

Skills required: (scale from 1-low to 5-high)

  • Posture & Position = 1
  • Chord Knowledge = 1
  • Enthusiasm = 5

Add-On Purchases

When class is over, it’s important to make sure you have all the tools and resources available to maintain a positive learning trajectory.

In addition to signing up for and attending an online group music class, attendees will have the option to purchase a recording of the class, to help reinforce all the concepts covered and never forget a thing! This way, you can access the content and information whenever you need it at any time. 

Take the class. Get the video. You’re all set!

Office Hours

Need a quick refresher of something you did in a class? Did you forget a chord, a fingering, or short melodic phrase? 

Office Hours are short, 15-minute scheduled online “lessons” that serve the primary purpose of getting quick, extra help, better explanations, or short refreshers from a teacher outside of your normal class or lesson time. Office Hours can only be scheduled as an online session and are not available for in-home. 

Office hours are a great way to follow up with a teacher after an online class to get a one-on-one explanation of complicated concepts.

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