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Intro to Slap Bass: Double Slaps, Dead Notes & Slides

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In this segment of Intro to Slap Bass, go beyond basics and learn to execute double slaps, dead notes, and slides with real song examples.
October 4, 2020
4.00pm - 4.50pm
$9.99 Per Ticket

Intro to Slap Bass: Double Slaps, Dead Notes & Slides

Building on your basic basic skills, Ian takes you to the next level in this class to introduce articulations such as double slaps, dead notes, and slides. While not exclusive to only slap bass, these techniques, played in the context of slap bass, can add an array of exciting articulations. The Slap Bass technique adds a percussive quality and characteristic to note sounds in modern bass lines. These new articulations will develop the sound further and add an arsenal of colorful characteristics to your sound. Slap Bass can be heard in virtually all styles of modern music from rock and pop, to funk, folk, jazz, and more!

Ian leaves no stone unturned here, helping students understand the nuances of these techniques and how to properly execute to sound like a pro. Double slaps, dead notes and slides, all require precision and exceptional time feel. These skills can be applied well beyond the slap-and-pop style and will add much to your overall sound. Technique is stressed heavily to avoid bad habits. Combining colorful techniques with the basic slap and pop, gives bass players the tools to create technically sound, modern, funky bass lines. Examples will be used by popular artists for some real world context.

Topics covered include: Double slaps, slides, dead notes, 8th notes, 16th notes, muting, slapping, popping, octaves, phrasing, technique, stylistic interpretation, groove, funky song examples!

This class is perfect for: Students with basic experience with slap and pop technique, students looking to expand their repertoire of skills in the slap bass style, bass players looking to expand their skills and technical proficiency, and those who have completed “Intro to Slap Bass: The Slap” and “Intro to Slap Bass: The Pop”. Fans of funk, RnB, soul, and gospel music will benefit from this course. Basic understanding of reading rhythms will be helpful, however tabs will be provided for those who can’t read notation.

After this class, you will be able to: Use dead notes, double slaps, and slides effectively, and incorporate into traditional slap and pop bass lines. Real-world examples will be used, so be prepared to play some very cool bass lines!

Skills required: (scale from 1-low to 5-high)

  • Slapping = 3
  • Popping = 3
  • Muting = 2
  • Left-right hand sync = 2
  • Position shifts = 2
  • Reading = 2

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