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Music Production And Making Beats

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Learn how to produce and make killer beats, and build fundamental skills with production software to help you edit, arrange and write songs!
June 12, 2023
5.30pm - 6.20pm ET

Music Production And Making Beats

Learn how to produce, make killer beats, and build fundamental recording skills with Erik-G from The Career Musician! He’ll be showing us the very techniques he uses to produce music for TV and film. You’ll get to “look over his shoulder” as he takes you through the entire process of writing a music cue for a scene – starting with the session prep and ending with a final master! If you are looking to get started in music production and making beats, then join us as Erik-G breaks down the basics. At the end of the class session… All attendees will receive some free bonuses and more learning opportunities from The Career Musician. We look forward to seeing you there!

Producing music is a skill just like playing music. From writing and arranging to understanding orchestration, songwriting and software nuances, the ability to produce music and make killer beats are right at your fingertips with all the powerful digital tools available to you.

This class focuses on several key components of production software, including using a dashboard, controls, and file management, exploring instrument sounds, patches, and choosing combinations, inputting musical data, layering, loop, creating song form and format, mixing, and delivering the final product! Then dive into several important topics like orchestration, theme and development, harmony, recording live instruments/voice, MIDI, editing sound files, arranging, using click tracks, and even external hardware options (microphones, audio interfaces, etc.)

By the end of the class, you’ll learn the basics of production so that you can re-produce your favorite parts of your favorite songs, write your own beats and understand some concepts about sound design.

Topics covered include: Recording, song-writing, beat-making, editing, sound designing, mixing, audio engineering, sound effects, digital audio workstations, MIDI instruments, recording MIDI, composing, audio file management, microphone techniques, creating loops and more.

This class is perfect for: This class is perfect for students who want to learn how to write and produce songs. Our focus in this class is creating simple songs, making simple beats and writing using production software, so if you’re a lover of pop and electronic music, you’ll have a great time. This class will build fundamental skills to help with composing and songwriting. It will also cover the basics of how to record, edit and mix audio and understand the basics of audio engineering and sound effects. Students must be old enough to have basic computer operating skills.  While not necessary, attendees will find it helpful to know the very basics of music notation, songwriting elements like pitch, rhythm and understanding of verse/chorus, and have some familiarity with bass lines and chords. This class is also great if you want to learn how to record, edit and mix audio and understand the basics of audio engineering and sound effects. Students must be old enough to have basic computer operating skills and a strong interest in learning songwriting is critical.

After this class, you will be able to: Master the basics of production to record, edit, and mix audio, Cover the basics of recording, editing, and audio engineering, Cover or write beats or loops by using software instruments and drum tools or by recording live instruments and/or voices, Learn how to use MIDI instruments, Explore how to work with the different sounds and create something unique, Share their songs with family, friends and the world!

About the Author: Erik-G is a music producer, post-production engineer, and Operations Manager of The Career Musician. His music has been in numerous films, television, and commercials. Highlights include: Mathis Family Matters, The Bradshaw Bunch, Fast Foodies, License To Kill, Who Do You Think You Are, 911 Crisis Center, Shrek The Third, and Megamind. He’s also produced directly for companies like Megatrax, Viacom, and Spotify. Erik-G is a musical chameleon who leans on his ability to play many genres authentically – from urban music to latin music and every style in between!

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