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Online Group Classes are an excellent way to supplement your private music lessons, or a gateway to start learning if you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger. Get all the benefits of shared learning experiences at a fraction of the cost of private lessons. There is no commitment, so try as many classes as you like.

Live Teachers Are Better Than Videos

Videos are great learning tools, but nothing can replace the wisdom and expertise of a live teacher. Online Group Classes help you start playing the music you love right away, all under the guiding hand of a top Forbes teacher. Interested in songwriting, improvisation, or building song repertoire? Get to know an instructor or two, have fun with interesting topics, learn some tunes, and gain new skills.

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We only hire fun, friendly, and award-winning music teachers.

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Learn classic songs, develop techniques, and explore interesting subjects.


Work with a top Forbes teacher at a fraction of the cost of private lessons.

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Voted "Best Of" in Music Education and Multi-Triple Crown Winner!

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5.00pm - 5.50pm ET


January 31, 2023

Easy Pop Song Covers for Piano

Learn songs by Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Adele and all the Disney favorites. Play pop cover songs, even with limited or no experience.

“Being an instructor for Forbes Music Company has been the best experience. Their support for their staff transcends to the success we as instructors are able to deliver to our students.”

Kelly B.

Voice and Piano Instructor, Forbes Music Company

“Working with Forbes has given me the wonderful balance of having the personal freedom to call the shots, while retaining the luxury of having a team in place to support me when I need it.”

Garet R.

Guitar and Piano Instructor, Forbes Music Company

“I couldn’t be happier to be part of such an incredible organization. The support from the office administration gives teachers all the assistance and tools they need to succeed!”

Nica S.

Piano and Voice Instructor, Forbes Music Company