Tips To Prepare For Your Recital Performance

Tips To Ace Your Recital Performance

If you’re preparing for a concert, recital, or performance coming up, make sure you follow these simple tips to ensure your performance goes great! Here are some tips and tricks we use to calm nerves.

Get plenty of rest the night before your recital.

Lack of sleep is exhausting! When you’re tired, it’s difficult to focus. Before your recital, getting plenty of rest is key to feeling focused and ready. Without focus, your mind can wander, your nerves will agitate, and your body will not function as effortlessly as it normally does. We all perform better after a good night sleep, so relax and have restful sleep before your big day.


Relax. In both preparation and performance. Rushing will only make things worse. Preparation is critical to feeling relaxed and calm. When we’re in a hurry, we tend to forget or execute poorly. Think ahead and leave enough time. When you’re on your way to the show or you’re in the middle of your song, be patient and take your time.

Get dressed and pick out your outfit ahead of time. Show up at least 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the recital. Leave plenty of time to get there, use the restroom. Because they only happen twice yearly, the recitals should be your focus of the day. If you eliminate distractions, you’re likely to have a smoother performance!


Recital warm-ups are important. 

If you have an opportunity to warm up, this will help get your voice or fingers in shape to do their best. Starting cold is not impossible, but also not recommended. If you have already played through your piece, you’re likely to cruise through it a second time. So take some time to run through your material either at home or at the venue. Be careful though, you don’t want the audience to hear you!

On recital day, choose snacks high in protein.

If your stomach is grumbling, chances are you may struggle to focus on your music! Preparation is not only practicing and leaving enough to time to get there, but also making sure you’re well nourished. Choose snacks that give you plenty of fuel so you can keep your mind on delivering a great performance.

Be on time.

Be familiar with where you’re going beforehand.  A few days before the recital, double check the address of the recital location and map out the best route, taking things like traffic into account.  Recitals are frequently held at places you aren’t used to going to, so it is best to not rely solely on your phone or GPS as you’re driving.

Pace yourself.

Take your time when performing. If you rush the music, you’re more apt to make mistakes and feel uncomfortable throughout your performance. Rushing will feel unnatural and cause you to lose focus. Take your time, relax, go slowly, and breathe deeply. Let the music come out naturally without forcing yourself to rush.

Have fun!

You’ve worked hard getting ready to play in your recital, so now it’s time to let that hard work show!  Remember to enjoy yourself. – you’ve got an audience looking forward to your performance and they are ready to enjoy it with you.

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