Rockin’ the Boat – Forbes Music Recital – May 12th, 2016 – Arlington, VA

Congrats to all our wonderful students who performed at our “Rockin’ the Boat” recital on May 12th, 2016 in Arlington, VA. We had students of all ages and skills levels playing piano, guitar and violin!

Many thanks to our participating Forbes Music Teachers, Mark, Chris and Danna. And special thanks to the parents who make all this possible!


Why is performing important? Here are 4 BIG reasons to sign up for the next recital:

  1. Having and goal and a deadline encourages consistent practice habits and teaches students to manage their time effectively.
  2. Performing gives students a sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to feel proud! Practicing at home can get lonely. Being a part of the show allows your child to share their gift of music with the world and receive thunderous applause and increased confidence.
  3. Attendance of friends and family show support and encouragement for your budding musician. Make sure they know you are behind them 100%.
  4. Recitals (and other performances big or small) give us the opportunity to feel nervous! Being able to manage your fear and other emotions is important for their future: Guiding our students to overcome that feeling and turning it into a successful experience is so rewarding for everyone involved!

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