How To Save On Music Lessons

Getting involved in the arts can be an expensive endeavor, but the rewards are well worth the investment. Music has the power to heal wounds that medicine can not touch, and lessons can help us build confidence, self-esteem, and improve our school and work performance. While the benefits are indisputable, sometimes the endeavor can be costly. Here are a few pointers to get the most out of your money and save when possible. 

Don’t cancel. 

Last minute cancellations can be a huge burden on your wallet. Most music teachers and education companies have cancellation policies that require some advance cancellation notice. Canceling lessons last minute is the easiest way to drain your wallet and your motivation. 

Consistency is key with development. Not only will the consistency allow you to get more out of the lessons, but avoiding the cancellation will inevitably save you from the pain of lesson forfeiture. 

Book far in advance. 

Discounts are often there for the taking. Scheduling lessons for months at a time will often lead to significant savings per lesson. Music teachers and companies generally offer scheduling plans in package format, or by semester/term. Where booking individual lessons can be pricey when paying ad-hoc, the costs per lesson drops considerably the longer the booking term, with savings as much as 10-20%. 

If your budget allows, consider looking into packages or subscriptions. Subscriptions are uncommon due to scheduling logistics, but those that offer them have major upsides. If fully taken advantage of, a Subscription plan will likely get you the most bang for your buck!

Add another child or student

Just like scheduling months in advance, buying in bulk makes the price go down. If there are multiple kids in the same household, try to secure a spot with the same teacher back-to-back. Lessons usually become cheaper as the time value increases. Scheduling lessons in one bulk time block will often save, as opposed to scheduling separate time increments. 

If the teacher or company offers discounts on multiple package purchases, it’s wise to load all those packages up on the same invoice where possible. Putting all your eggs in one basket will make all the eggs cheaper!

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Take advantage of perks

It’s common to get discounts for referrals or other types of marketing candy. Whether it’s “liking” social media posts, Nextdoor pages, or referring your teacher or company to others in your network, rewards are waiting for you on the other side. 

You might find free lessons or percentages off your packages simply by referring those you know are interested in lessons. If they sign up, you’re more than likely going to see some significant savings in your account. And who doesn’t like free lessons? 

Share the cost

Groups can often share the cost burden of music lessons, too. While group lessons might be more expensive than private, on-on-one lessons, the cost winds up being cheaper per person. If the lessons are a social experiment for you or your child, consider booking in groups with a friend or two and splitting the cost between you. 

Online group classes are another great way to reap the rewards of music instruction at a fraction of the cost of private lessons. Group classes are organized, pre-scheduled classes that may require registration. 

Online classes will often be pennies on the dollar compared to private lessons. Classes are usually small, so there can be plenty of individual attention. If you’re not shy about playing in front of others, consider this avenue for big benefits without much financial input. 

There are so many ways to make sure you’re getting the biggest band for your buck. Music lessons are valuable, but follow those simple pointers to save some big bucks in the future!

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