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kids performing in a school band

Helping Your Child Pick an Instrument for Band

Selecting an instrument is an important step in a child’s musical journey and takes forethought before making the jump. The variety of musical instruments from which to choose runs the gamut from brass and woodwinds, to strings, percussion and rhythm

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Learning Chronicles In Music

With so many uniques paths to travel down in music, the possibilities are endless. That’s the beauty of art- there is no right or wrong answer, simply differences of opinion. Welcome to Learning Chronicles. So Much Music With So Few

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Tips For Buying A New Guitar

What to Consider When Buying Your First Guitar Buying a new guitar can be a daunting task for beginners looking to take guitar lessons overwhelmed with the amount of information and choices available to them. Let’s look at some things

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Tips For Buying A New Keyboard

What to Consider When Buying Your First Keyboard An interest in learning piano does not necessarily mean you need to own a piano. There are great keyboard or digital piano options that make excellent choices to get started with and

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