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Teaching lessons at home

Music Lessons for Homeschool Students

Article Written by Guest Author – Crystal Casey One of the most common questions that individuals with little to no homeschooling experience ask is, “What about extracurriculars for homeschool kids?  Aren’t they missing out on the much-needed socialization that comes

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How to Support Your Child’s Music Lessons

The benefits of music lessons are well documented. From improved self confidence to higher test scores and delaying cognitive decline, learning music is one of the best ways to improve your quality of life and combat Father Time. Music lessons

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6 Common Myths About Music Lessons

In the pursuit of learning to play music, there are often misconceptions and myths about music lessons, what success looks like, and how to go about the process. Often, these misconceptions deter us from taking the simple steps down the

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Maintaining Progress After Missing a Lesson

So, you’ve missed a lesson this week. Lesson cancellations happen. Even when you miss a week with your teacher, it doesn’t have to be a moratorium on your progress. There are myriad ways that you can maintain and even continue

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online music lessons

Getting the Most from Online Music Lessons

For many of us, online interactions have become part of our daily routine. This transition to working online is allowing us to stay safe and healthy, particularly as we slowly work our way back into a sense of normalcy. As

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Continuing Your Music Lessons Online

Continuing Your Music Education: Making Virtual Learning Work for You In an effort to find some normalcy, many of us are turning to virtual platforms to maintain our routines. As our work, school, and community events move into the digital

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Getting the Most Value From Your Music Lessons

What makes a music lesson special, memorable, and effective? What is it that you’re paying for? Is it the experience or special features, the knowledge and passion of their teachers, or the length of each lesson?  Considering the answers to

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