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Why Do You Play the Piano?

I am studying the effects of piano lessons on the brain at the University of Washington, and have found a host of scientific studies showing that piano instruction enhances mood, quality of life, movement, and Executive Functioning in the brain. Executive Function is

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Sheet music

Is Perfection Our Goal? What Defines Mastery?

Mastery. Perfection. Comprehension. How do these words define our knowledge of our instruments? A study piece? A recital piece? A contest or festival piece? Music in general? It’s a matter of hot debate, but one thing is for certain. We must have

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FMC’s FAQs – Are Books Included?

There are so many questions to ask when you are seeking music lessons and we’ve compiled a few to help guide you. Today, we talk about method books and sheet music. Are books included? We do not include books and materials in the

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