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Back view of a young man playing a black Grand Piano

How to Support Your Child’s Music Lessons

The benefits of music lessons are well documented. From improved self confidence to higher test scores and delaying cognitive decline, learning music is one of the best ways to improve your quality of life and combat Father Time. Music lessons

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How To Find The Right Music Teacher For You

Finding the right music teacher is the key to building a long term, positive relationship with music. And finding that best fit doesn’t have to be a challenge. Good music teachers don’t necessarily all teach the same way with the

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Man teaching guitar online

How to Encourage Music Lessons

Music is such an important part of our lives and culture that often our first exposure to music is in the womb. As children, music is a source of fun and joy, and can often be utilized as a learning

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6 Common Myths About Music Lessons

In the pursuit of learning to play music, there are often misconceptions and myths about music lessons, what success looks like, and how to go about the process. Often, these misconceptions deter us from taking the simple steps down the

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