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Learning Music: Making Music a Family Pastime

The power of music goes well beyond tickling your eardrums, getting you moving, or eliciting strong emotions with rich harmonies or powerful storytelling. Music brings families together. For parents, the thought of their children playing instruments together can bring a

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Learning Music: Can Music Be Bad?

Article Written by Guest Author – Crystal Casey What is the Purpose of Music? Music serves many purposes. Most people in the Western world today listen to music simply for enjoyment— for dancing, parties, exercise, driving in the car, and

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How To Help Busy Teens Make Time For Music

Article Written by Guest Author – Crystal Casey One of the biggest hurdles to learning an instrument for any age group is making time for music practice, and it only gets more difficult with age (until retirement.) School-aged children are

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How to Support Your Child’s Music Lessons

The benefits of music lessons are well documented. From improved self confidence to higher test scores and delaying cognitive decline, learning music is one of the best ways to improve your quality of life and combat Father Time. Music lessons

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