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Musicians playing for an audience

Performing Music for an Audience

For those drawn to the allure of performing music, the path to success extends beyond mastering melodies. The stage becomes a canvas where preparation meets execution, requiring a harmony of skills. This is only the beginning of all the benefits

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Electric and acoustic guitars

Learning Acoustic vs. Electric Instruments

Learning acoustic instruments and electric instruments each present distinct experiences. Both have beautiful sounds and endless possibilities. Acoustic instruments often demand physical strength and precision, providing a direct, unamplified sound, while electric instruments offer greater accessibility with amplification and a

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a young man playing the guitar and another playing the drums

Benefits of Playing Music With Others

Why is playing music with others beneficial to learning an instrument? Playing music with others is highly beneficial to learning an instrument for several reasons. The most obvious reason, it enhances a musician’s sense of rhythm, timing, and overall musicality.

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Teaching lessons at home

Music Lessons for Homeschool Students

Article Written by Guest Author – Crystal Casey One of the most common questions that individuals with little to no homeschooling experience ask is, “What about extracurriculars for homeschool kids?  Aren’t they missing out on the much-needed socialization that comes

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Teenage boy taking piano lessons

Music Lessons for Early Child Development

Article Written by Guest Author – Crystal Casey Music for early child development and education is the intentional integration of music into the learning and development of young children.  Children engage with music through various activities such as singing, playing

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Writing songs with Guitar

Learn Songwriting with Music Lessons

Article Written by Guest Author – Crystal Casey Many students take music lessons only to learn how to play other people’s music, which is a great accomplishment and a fun and rewarding activity.  However, some music students get curious about

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young girl learning to play the piano with instructor

Why Piano Lessons Are Popular

Article Written by Guest Author – Crystal Casey There are so many reasons that piano is the number one choice of instrument. To list just a few piano facts, roughly 25% of the world’s population plays the piano, and it’s

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