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Methods of Studying & Learning Music

Learning to play a musical instrument takes dedication, diligence, and direction. Each of us is as unique as a snowflake, so like many things in life there is no one correct answer. It is important to note what your goals

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How To Find The Right Music Teacher For You

Finding the right music teacher is the key to building a long term, positive relationship with music. And finding that best fit doesn’t have to be a challenge. Good music teachers don’t necessarily all teach the same way with the

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Creative & Fun Ways to Teach Music Online

Music teachers have a challenging job of always keeping lesson material fresh and exciting, to inspire and motivate their students to continually learn and create. It’s not often the case that students who sign up for music lessons are one

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How to Teach Music Online: Tips for Your Success

Teaching music online is a great way to connect with more students and eliminate much of the logistics that eat into your schedule and take up valuable time. Teaching music online will challenge even the seasoned music teacher, and improve

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10 Tips For Teaching Music Effectively

How can I be a better music teacher? Teaching music can be rigorous. From the feeling of having to be “on” during the entire lesson or class time, to the administrative side that includes emails, phone calls, scheduling, rescheduling, billing,

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Music teacher working with student on cello lesson

How To Be A Successful Music Teacher

Finding success as a music educator can be one of the most rewarding endeavors in the field of arts. Reaching scores of students to help them find their voice, build confidence, and enjoy a stimulating creative outlet is a special

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Learning Chronicles: Practicing Solo vs. Ensemble

Learning to play any instrument is both a challenging and rewarding pursuit. As you venture down this path, you’ll find that practicing music is a highly necessary component of this journey. Independent study is critical for self-exploration, mastering technical aspects,

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Maintaining Progress After Missing a Lesson

So, you’ve missed a lesson this week. Lesson cancellations happen. Even when you miss a week with your teacher, it doesn’t have to be a moratorium on your progress. There are myriad ways that you can maintain and even continue

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Making the Most of Online Learning

Online music lessons and classes provide convenient opportunities for learning and growth wherever you are. While the online learning experience will be somewhat different than in person, it can be equally as productive and potentially more efficient. Consider these 10

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How Forbes Music Makes Online Lessons Easy

Navigating virtual platforms is becoming a necessity for school, work, and our extracurricular activities. Though it has become commonplace, it can be difficult to remain both stimulated and motivated while interacting virtually, especially if you are looking at screens all

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