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Most Popular First Songs to Learn on Instruments

Learning to play a musical instrument is an endeavor that promises a lifetime of joy and self-expression. But where do you start? After choosing an instrument, finding an instructor, and learning some technique, it quickly becomes time to pick repertoire,

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Why Piano Lessons Are Popular

Article Written by Guest Author – Crystal Casey There are so many reasons that piano is the number one choice of instrument. To list just a few piano facts, roughly 25% of the world’s population plays the piano, and it’s

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Benefits of Extra Music Lessons for Adolescents

Learning to play an instrument has many academic and psychological benefits, from school to work, the scientific evidence of the positive influence of music is overwhelming and indisputable. Are there benefits in continuing music lessons after mastering the instrument? How

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Learning Music is Like Learning a Language

Many scholars, teachers and musicians have argued over this simple question: “Is music a language?” It’s true that reading music notation can be compared to reading text. Many of us have similar emotional reactions to particular types of music, that’s

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Getting the Most from Online Music Lessons

For many of us, online interactions have become part of our daily routine. This transition to working online is allowing us to stay safe and healthy, particularly as we slowly work our way back into a sense of normalcy. As

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Conducting A Successful Virtual Music Lesson

How to Conduct a Successful Virtual Music Lesson We live in a digital age, where technology is ever-evolving. Almost everything is accessible virtually, and music lessons are no exception. If you are new to conducting your music lessons via virtual

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Singing With A Common Cold

Should we sing even with a Cold? When someone has a common cold, the symptoms can appear in a variety of ways. A few main cold symptoms that can get in the way of singing are muscular pain, throat irritation,

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