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How Recitals Help With Music Lessons

Recitals are a great way for students to showcase their musical skills and progress in a public setting. Performing in front of an audience helps them develop confidence, stage presence, and gives them a chance to feel some pressure so

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Benefits of Extra Music Lessons for Adolescents

Learning to play an instrument has many academic and psychological benefits, from school to work, the scientific evidence of the positive influence of music is overwhelming and indisputable. Are there benefits in continuing music lessons after mastering the instrument? How

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Understanding Instrument Families: Piano and Keyboard

The popularity of the piano is unmatched, both in performance versatility and in its application in music education. Widely considered the most popular and prolific instrument in recent history, the piano’s voluminous repertoire can be found in all time periods

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Music Activities This Summer

Musical Activities For Summer School is out and the kids are home. Summer hours kick in and you’re getting off early on Fridays. How do you spend your new free time? Consider some musical activities for summer. Whether you never

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