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Benefits of Extra Music Lessons for Adolescents

Learning to play an instrument has many academic and psychological benefits, from school to work, the scientific evidence of the positive influence of music is overwhelming and indisputable. Are there benefits in continuing music lessons after mastering the instrument? How

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Person playing the drums

Tips For Teaching On-Line Drum Lessons

During the pandemic, there has been a major shift to online teaching in just about all subjects, including music education. Teachers have had to focus efforts on creating a digital experience to rival that of in-person teaching, and some instruments

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Person playing the piano

Tips For Teaching Students With Sensory Needs

As music teachers, we encounter a variety of types of learners. Not every student learns the same way, and through experience, teachers gain acumen to quickly understand strengths and weaknesses some students may have. While most students may easily fall

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How To Set And Achieve Your Music Goals

As musicians, both teachers and students alike have wide ranging goals that may deal with performative aspects of their craft as well as pursuing and achieving career opportunities. Goals in music are very person specific, addressing our own unique paths

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Woman taking online guitar lesson

Creative & Fun Ways to Teach Music Online

Music teachers have a challenging job of always keeping lesson material fresh and exciting, to inspire and motivate their students to continually learn and create. It’s not often the case that students who sign up for music lessons are one

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How to Teach Music Online: Tips for Your Success

Teaching music online is a great way to connect with more students and eliminate much of the logistics that eat into your schedule and take up valuable time. Teaching music online will challenge even the seasoned music teacher, and improve

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Music teacher giving an online lesson

10 Tips For Teaching Music Effectively

How can I be a better music teacher? Teaching music can be rigorous. From the feeling of having to be “on” during the entire lesson or class time, to the administrative side that includes emails, phone calls, scheduling, rescheduling, billing,

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Maintaining Progress After Missing a Lesson

So, you’ve missed a lesson this week. Lesson cancellations happen. Even when you miss a week with your teacher, it doesn’t have to be a moratorium on your progress. There are myriad ways that you can maintain and even continue

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5 Things To Look For In A Great Teacher

Great music teachers are hard to find. When you look someone up on the internet or get a referral, how do you know they’re the right one? We’re pretty picky about the teachers we work with and put a lot

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