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Is Perfection Our Goal? What Defines Mastery?

Mastery. Perfection. Comprehension. How do these words define our knowledge of our instruments? A study piece? A recital piece? A contest or festival piece? Music in general? It’s a matter of hot debate, but one thing is for certain. We must have

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FMC’s FAQs – Are Books Included?

There are so many questions to ask when you are seeking music lessons and we’ve compiled a few to help guide you. Today, we talk about method books and sheet music. Are books included? We do not include books and materials in the

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Forbes Music Gift Certificates – The Perfect Gift

The perfect gift awaits! Are you looking for a unique and meaningful gift? The perfect gift? Look no further! Forbes Music Company offers private lesson gift certificates. Music lessons are perfect for that person that has everything (which likely includes

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