I Have to Tie My Shoe – Creativity is Key by FMC teacher Pamela


I like to get to know my students well. I believe that the best way to teach an art is to know the student well enough to show them how to apply that art directly into their own lives. The longer the student-teacher relationship continues- the easier that becomes.

My longest standing student is now 13 years old and we have be working together for several years! The other day she brought up a story from one of our very early lessons which we were working on an original composition, a great way to apshe-lit-upand-laughedply new concepts. After her 4 measure masterpiece was complete, I said “Now we should give it a title. What do you want to call it?”  Most children need assistance with this task, so I usually prompt them through dedicating it to a person or asking about their favorite part of the day. In this case a unique situation arose that was just to good to pass.

Just as she was thinking of a response, she looked down at her shoe and said “I have to tie my shoe” and proceeded to do so. “Great!” I said, “It’s called I Have to Tie My Shoe.” She lit up and laughed. Beside of the title, she drew an untied shoe and signed her name. This seemingly ungraspable concept became a hilarious story to tell and inspired a fun piece to play for her mom.


Courtesy of Pamela B. –  A teacher, performer, and creative artist, Pamela B. earned her Bachelors Degree in Music from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, and has a wide music education scope that includes pedagogue classes in multiple instruments, music history, music theory, child development, and performance.
Pamela has been playing piano since her early youth and teaching privately for years. She adores the work of giving students creativity with which to grow. Along with teaching, she has performed corporate functions, recitals, accompanying roles, as well as more unique, fun experiences such as yoga sessions and farmers markets.

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