Tips For Buying A New Guitar

What to Consider When Buying Your First Guitar

Buying a new guitar can be a daunting task for beginners looking to take guitar lessons overwhelmed with the amount of information and choices available to them. Let’s look at some things you should know before you invest in a new guitar.

How To Choose The Right Guitar For You

Since we all come in different shapes and sizes, it’s difficult to give one general answer that will cover all the bases. Some guitars are great for concert halls, some better for living rooms. You’ll find some are great for standing, some better for sitting. And you’ll find some guitars you will want to plug into an amplifier, and some you will use around a campfire. There are classical guitars, flat-top acoustic guitars, arch-top jazz guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, solid-body electric guitars, 3/4 size guitars, short scale, hard tail, and many more! It’s best to try one or two examples of each type you are interested in. While they may not feel natural right away, your body will tell you what feels best. Feel the differences between the neck sizes, the body sizes, and the strings.

Consider Buying a Smaller Guitar For Smaller Guitarists

Most guitars you see on walls and racks at stores are full size. Some guitars come in 1/2 or 3/4 sizes as well. Some will have traditional steel strings and some have nylon strings. These smaller guitars with nylon strings will be in the classical style, with smaller bodies and wider necks. Nylon strings are a common option for children since nylon strings are softer and easier on the fingertips when starting out. Because the necks are slightly wider, that can be challenging for small hands to get around, however. For an older child, adults, or those interested in pop music, these guitars will likely not be a suitable choice.


How to Choose an Acoustic Guitar

Most acoustic guitars you may be familiar with are steel-string acoustic guitars. As you might have guessed from the name, the strings are steel. It can be a little tougher on the fingertips, but the neck is generally thinner than a classical guitar so it will be easier for smaller hands to use. These guitars are common in the pop and folk styles we hear today. Acoustic guitars do not require amplification and are relatively portable. Manufacturers will often make models with full-size necks and smaller bodies which can be a more comfortable option for many. 


How to Choose an Electric Guitar

You will hear electric guitars in rock, blues, pop, metal, jazz, funk, and more! With a wide variety of body styles and sounds, the sky’s the limit with what you can do. As far as playability, electric guitars will resemble acoustic guitars more than classical, with steel strings and a thin neck. However, the strings tend to be a bit smaller and more pliable, making them somewhat physically easier to play. Electric guitars can be a bit more of a financial investment. They will require an amplifier to project the sound in a meaningful way. That said, their versatility is far greater, with the ability to play more melodic figures and other technically demanding things.

Get Everything You Need With Guitar Starter Packs

If you’re new to guitar and the world of accessories is foreign to you, you may wish to look into purchasing an all-in-one guitar pack. Guitar packs are a great deal that provide all the necessary items to get started right out of the box. Along with the guitar itself, you’ll find a lightweight, portable practice amplifier, cable, picks, tuner, strap, and polishing cloth. These are items that will definitely come in handy, some of which may be critical to your initial success. Purchased separately, you’re likely to spend far more, so there is some incentive to make it easier and hassle free.

Ready to Buy Your First Guitar?

In general renting guitars is not often recommended. In many cases, it’s less expensive to purchase a beginner model guitar than to rent it for a few months.

Before making your investment into a new guitar you should discuss these considerations and musical goals with your guitar teacher. They have the knowledge and experience to help guide you in your purchase. Check us out when you’re ready to get started with lessons and jam with one of our awesome teachers! And when you’re ready to finally take the plunge there are plenty of places online and locally that are sure to have exactly what you need:

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