Transforming the Word “Mistake” Through our Music Practice, Part 3 by FMC Teacher Jess

Part 3: “Embrace the unknown”

We’ve learned that stress is not our fault, from making mistakes in Part 1 of my blog series. Stress is a built in human response to survive, however, in the modern world we tend to over react and create stress for no reason, therefore, expending our innate energy to learn something new. We have also learned from my series in Part 2, that failing is indeed, fun! One cannot grow and learn without making a mistake. Let’s have some more fun…

So what happens after our moments of failure? What do we do when we start to learn how to play music without stress? It is so simple. Find something that inspires you and motivates you to keep becoming better. Having been a musician for nearly 20 years, I have come to the understanding that it is okay to ask others what inspires them. I find it very interesting.

I spend most of my free time adventuring in nature for inspiration and creativity blossoms abundantly for my music. However, a dear music friend of mine is inspired to practice and compose while meeting new people, constantly. I don’t think we ask for enough help when it comes to music. Play your instrument with someone new and set up a space where you can jam with others (it’s super fun for all ages), take a few lessons from a new teacher for a different point of view or pick up an instrument that you have no idea how to play. Embrace the awe and beauty of something so new that there is no such thing as playing the right note on this new instrument. Instead, just experiment with a new type of sound vibration and enjoy your creations. It is in these moments where our judgemental mind disappears and we experience how beautiful music truly is. I strongly believe that music is one of our greatest teachers, it enhances our imagination, brings unity (we all connect to music in some way), builds confidence, has the ability to impact life positively, and finally, it teaches us how to be patient. Keep up your practicing, have fun with making mistakes, and the music will always bring you joy!

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