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What to Know About Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele has become an increasingly popular instrument, featured on countless contemporary albums and played by numerous popular musicians worldwide. Often considered a younger sibling to guitar, the ukulele is quite a bit smaller than guitar with only four strings. With fewer strings made from nylon instead of steel, the ukulele offers much easier playability. This is one reason ukulele has become such an attractive instrument to learn, as there are fewer obstacles to achieving a moderate level of performance. Because of the smaller body style and nylon strings, the tone is significantly thinner, quieter, and more tinny than the guitar, but distinct in it’s almost child-like simplicity and appeal. Today, students have many options for learning ukulele that include in-home lessons, group lessons, and online ukulele lessons.

Online ukulele lessons are a great way to learn the instrument and get started playing immediately. With it’s new found fame in popular and contemporary music, learning to play ukulele has never been more popular. The demand for ukulele lessons has increased significantly, and virtual options have been the go-to resource given the convenience and surprising efficacy. With an array of technological enhancements that improve the online lesson experience, teachers have taken advantage of the developments to deliver virtual ukulele lessons that exceed expectations. With Forbes Music, ukulele teachers have resources to utilize new engagement techniques and communicate challenging concepts easily, improving the overall experience of private ukulele lessons. 

Finding a ukulele teacher can become a burdensome task with all the choices in the marketplace today. Whether searching for in-home ukulele lessons or lessons online, it can be difficult to know what to look for and the right questions to ask. At Forbes Music, we work closely with our teaching partners to pair each student with the online ukulele teacher that best suits their personal music learning needs and can create a quick path to success.

Here is a brief overview of what potential students should expect, as well as a guide to help you decide if online ukulele lessons are right for you.

Online Ukulele Lessons Vs. In-Home

Both ukulele lessons online and lessons in-home have their advantages. A physical presence is often important to many students, something difficult to reproduce online. That said, online ukulele lessons can offer quality personal interactions and effective demonstrative teaching. Additional things to consider include time, scheduling flexibility, and cancellation policies when making the choice of what is the best fit. 

In-home ukulele lessons are convenient but do require logistical planning on the part of the teacher, which may limit general flexibility. Online lessons offer a greater amount of flexibility without the prohibitive logistics in travel.

Can you teach yourself ukulele online?

Learning ukulele online without a teacher can be a challenging endeavor. Without guidance, it can be easy to develop bad habits and miss critical steps in learning that may result in poor fundamentals. With poor technical and fundamental skills, it will become difficult to improve consistently, and tackle more challenging musical passages in complicated songs. Pre-recorded videos are not a great way for most to learn how to play ukulele, and are certainly not recommended for beginners. Ukulele can be a difficult instrument to learn for some, given the technical elements involved, and without a live teacher present to answer questions and correct mistakes, a student may unknowingly travel down the wrong path.

Private ukulele lessons are critical to building that solid foundation. With a ukulele teacher, expect to cover concepts like posture, holding the instrument, sight-reading, chords, strumming patterns, accompaniment techniques, and more. What may be easy techniques or songs when working with a live ukulele teacher may become difficult, confusing, and often complicated concepts if trying to learn alone or from videos. A great ukulele instructor has the ability and experience to overcome any challenges relating to the ukulele lessons online. Needless to say, both virtual ukulele lessons and in-home ukulele lessons offer incredible results that can not be matched by using pre-recorded videos. 

Online ukulele lessons do offer a key benefit that in-home lessons can not – the fact that a student is not limited to only local teachers. Sometimes the best teacher who aligns with your goals and stylistic preferences may not be local. In this case, the student will benefit tremendously from having that online option.

Is it hard to learn ukulele?

With the right learning environment, learning ukulele is no more difficult than any other instrument. The key is having the right teacher and outlining your goals in advance. Successful ukulele lessons cover a myriad of topics that include technique exercises, strumming, chords, repertoire and songs, and more. Though in-home ukulele lessons do have many benefits, online ukulele lessons may have additional upsides. 

A ukulele teacher can work with students on understanding the parts and pieces of the ukulele, how to care for it, and dive into simple concepts to get started. Depending on their aptitude, students may be able to play songs after their first lesson. Beyond caring for the ukulele, beginner ukulele lessons will likely focus on posture, holding the instrument, using a metronome, plucking strings, strumming chords, and making quality sounds. Beginners may often focus solely on learning chords and developing their chord library until some basic skills develop. It’s important for teachers to focus on musical concepts early on, like dynamics, phrasing, and articulation. And much like any music lesson, a teacher will work with students through a variety of stages within the lesson time including warm ups, sight-reading, technical exercises, repertoire, and performance attributes. 

In order for a student to get the most out of online ukulele lessons, preparation is one of the most important things to consider. When preparing for virtual music lessons, there are a few key points you’ll want to cover. Having the ukulele tuned and ready to play with the camera in place will help make the lesson more efficient. Students should have goals to discuss with their instructor, so the ukulele teacher can tailor the lessons specifically to those preferences. An experienced ukulele teacher will likely send a follow up with notes covering the lesson content, helpful tips to remember and homework assignments to work on before the next lesson.

Best online ukulele lessons.

The best online ukulele lessons start and end with the right teacher who is well equipped to tackle any subject in depth. Finding an online ukulele teacher can often be the biggest challenge a student faces. Trying to master concepts using easily accessible online videos is not likely to give custom tailored instructional content that is specific to a student’s needs. Because every person learns differently, having personal interaction with a teacher is what will help any student thrive and overcome their unique challenges. In the early stages of learning, that personalized feedback is critically important. All nuances can be addressed by the teacher before bad habits develop, ensuring that the student stays on a clear path to success. Because beginners lack knowledge and foundational skills, pre-recorded videos are hard to benefit from. Those that start the learning process without a ukulele teacher often result in playing with poor mechanics and gaps in their knowledge that can frustrate over time. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so the best online ukulele lessons are the ones where a teacher will navigate the unique learning path of a particular student, ensuring positive progress every step of the way. Best of all, finding that teacher can be easy. At Forbes Music, we work with exceptional ukulele instructors committed to providing a world class experience, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced student. We work with beginners and young children, as well as older adults and professionals. Whether it’s online lessons with a teacher outside your area or a local teacher for in-home lessons, we’re equipped to make sure the right teacher is available at the time you need.

Meet a Few Of Our Teachers

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How Skill And Age Relate To Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele is a great instrument for any student looking to get started learning music. Anyone can learn to play ukulele at any age. Forbes Music works with world class musicians and music educators who take pride in delivering exceptional ukulele lessons for kids and also adult ukulele lessons. Learning to play ukulele has many benefits well beyond just playing songs. Ukulele lessons have countless positive effects on brain development, building confidence, fine motor skills, and coordination. Those involved in music lessons will generally enjoy faster mental processing speeds, better test scores, and improved school performance. 

Adult ukulele lessons have proven to have positive impacts including improved problem solving skills and better work performance. Learning ukulele as an adult can strengthen coordination while sharpening reasoning skills and delay cognitive decline.

What age can a child learn ukulele?

Starting a child on ukulele lessons is less about their age and more their personal development. All children can benefit from starting ukulele lessons at an early age. But the success can depend on the child’s coordination, fine motor skills, ability to follow direction and interest overall. Because of that, there is no concrete rule regarding how old a child must be. Studies have proven that music lessons for kids have benefits that extend throughout adulthood, so starting ukulele as a child is the perfect way to build a foundational relationship with music that will develop over the course of their lives.

Is ukulele easy to learn for kids?

Ukulele can be easy for kids to learn, but will certainly depend on quite a few factors. A teacher with experience working with children will be a critical first step. Ukulele lessons for beginners and young children will often focus on rudiments and simple techniques. If guitar is the ultimate goal, ukulele is an excellent stepping stone. The ukulele is smaller, has fewer strings, and a bit easier to get quality sounds than the guitar. There are similarities in the technical foundation of playing the instrument, and therefore makes it a wonderful substitute for a very young child who may wish to play guitar. 

Basic mechanics is an important first step to learning ukulele. Everything from how to hold the ukulele, strumming the strings and keeping consistent time are concepts a student should expect to cover as a beginner. More experienced students will learn phrasing, more complex picking patterns, more challenging chords, and repertoire.

Beyond basic fundamentals, students will learn how to listen and identify patterns and phrasing. Teachers will also focus on core music concepts like key centers, time signatures and reading music. As students progress, they will learn songs and develop repertoire that they can perform in a variety of contexts.

Can adults learn ukulele?

Indeed, adults can learn ukulele! Learning to play ukulele can be achieved at any age, young or old. Because of more mature fine motor skills, adults may also find success faster. Learning music in general should be a lifelong endeavor, but it’s a realistic expectation that an adult could be playing songs in their very first ukulele lesson. 

Like other instruments, ukulele lessons for adults have significant benefits to overall health and well being. Improved memory, cognitive awareness, processing speeds, and coordination are just a few benefits that adults can enjoy from engaging in music lessons later in life. At Forbes Music, any time is the right time to get started regardless of motivation, and we can help find a ukulele lesson that fits your schedule and skill level.

“We’ve had a wonderful experience and would recommend Forbes to others who are looking for a reliable and professional music lesson company, with great instructors.”


Westchester, NY

“My teacher has been incredibly helpful. My voice has noticeably changed. I had a performance last weekend and woke up the next day ready to sing again. This was huge – I normally lose my voice! Very grateful to have her incredible ear and talent every week.”


Westchester, NY

“They have a significantly better starting pay than their competitors. I also seamlessly transitioned to virtual lessons as a result of Covid-19, and my pay has not been affected.”

Ethan S.

Guitar and Piano Instructor, Forbes Music Company

“Nica has been a wonderful, talented teacher.  She is always willing and able to answer my questions and I have learned a lot from her. She is a delightful person as well and we have fun during our sessions.”


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“As a teacher, it is a wonderful experience to work with Forbes. Their professionalism handling all the logistics and administrative work allows a teacher the peace of mind to be able to purely focus on our students and the wonderful gift of music making.”

Gretchen E.

Voice and Piano Instructor, Forbes Music Company

“I love having the freedom and flexibility to design my schedule, create lesson plans, and work with my fanatic students that Forbes has connected me with.”

Nica S.

Piano And Songwriting Instructor, Forbes Music Company

“Both of my children have been taking piano lessons and we couldn’t be happier with their progress. My kids are both really proud of what they’ve been able to accomplish and so am I.”


Westchester, NY

“I was so impressed and delighted by the experience I had! I was thoroughly impressed by the experience and would highly recommend to anyone looking for music lessons. I grew in confidence in just three lessons!




“The staff is incredibly accommodating to all of my scheduling needs, and they’re always available to provide me with help, inspiration, or simply a friendly conversation with fellow music-lovers.”

Kelly B.

Piano and Voice Instructor, Forbes Music Company

“You and your team are always so lovely to work with and the kids just adore Nica. :)”


Los Altos, CA

Cost And Time Investment for Ukulele Lessons

Depending on the types of lessons and the quality of the instrument, the cost of ukulele lessons can vary greatly. Learning to play any instrument, including ukulele, takes time, patience, and consistent practice. Additionally, how long it takes to learn ukulele can vary from person to person. In order to estimate, one must consider how much time can be dedicated to practice, and whether the student is working with a teacher. 

How much do ukulele lessons cost?

The cost of ukulele lessons may depend on the amount of time scheduled, whether the lessons are in-home or online, and the commitment level or scheduling plan of the student. While longer lessons may be incrementally more expensive than shorter ones, the value will often be greater as well. Beyond the length of the lesson, making a commitment for a month, a semester, or a year, will likely reduce the cost per lesson. Consider a longer commitment to reduce the cost burden. Online lessons may also come at a lower cost, since the teacher may not need to factor in transportation and hauling equipment. 

How much does a ukulele cost?

The cost of a ukulele will depend on several factors including the brand, make/model, body style, materials used in construction, and design appointments. Beginner ukuleles and professional ukuleles will differ significantly in quality, materials, and cost. 

Ukuleles come in many sizes. It’s safe to expect spending between $50-$150 for a beginner ukulele. While relatively inexpensive, it’s a great place to start for someone just starting out. Expect to spend over $150 for a quality ukulele that is sufficient for an advanced student. A professional ukulele will likely cost upwards of $500 or more. Another piece of the puzzle to consider is amplification, if necessary. Some ukuleles are purely acoustic, while others have the ability to be amplified.

Are ukulele lessons worth it?

Ukulele lessons are a perfect way to learn the instrument and improve your skills quickly and effectively. Consider working with a private teacher and scheduling lessons one per week. Some students choose to schedule private lessons multiple times weekly or every other week as well.

In order to get the most out of lessons, remember to set aside practice time during the week. Without developing muscle memory, the efficacy of lessons will wane over time. Improvement is directly correlated with the amount of time a student will play outside of a lesson. So in order to accelerate learning and build your repertoire of songs, taking time to practice the concepts covered in lessons will be necessary.

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