Voice Lessons

Learn voice in your home from award-winning teachers. From beginners to advanced, we work with all ages to bring a personalized voice lesson experience right to your door.

Voice lessons

More Smiles. Less Worry.

Fun, friendly, and award-winning voice teachers who will inspire you.

Most Flexible. Least Hassle.

Multiple scheduling options, discount plans, and in-home voice lessons.

Fastest Progress. Fewest Struggles.

Your goals are our goals. We deliver expert guidance for learning voice.

Highest Approval. Lowest Drop-Off.

Voted "Best Of" in Music Education, Triple Crown Achievement Winner!

Our client Happiness Index™ is off the charts! With proven results and satisfaction, Forbes Music Company provides an unmatched private voice lessons experience with the absolute best teachers in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Working with a Forbes Music voice teacher is the perfect way to learn to play voice at any age. The benefits of learning to play voice are endless and we can help.

Learn Voice The Right Way

Learning to sing and training your voice is a enviable skill, but requires practice, patience and body control. Work on breathing, pitch matching, expanding your range, mastering your falsetto, belting, understanding the difference between head and chest voice, and more. Whether you love rock and pop, musical theater, folk, or opera, exploring styles and techniques with voice lessons will give you the confidence to sing to your heart's desire.

Creativity -- Voice opens an ocean of possibilities to create unique music.

Self-confidence -- Achieve your goals and play the songs you love.

Memory -- Learning voice improves memory and cognitive ability.

Motor skills -- Learning voice technique improves coordination and dexterity.

Expression -- Find your unique voice and express yourself with voice lessons.

Popularity -- Make friends learning voice and get to play in a band!

Voice Teachers Who Inspire

music teacher
music teacher
music teacher

Attitude and Inspiration

We work with fun, youthful, enthusiastic voice teachers who will inspire.

Award-Winning Teachers

Highly qualified, accomplished, and experienced voice teachers.

Explore Any Style at Any Level

Learn to play voice in any style or genre, from beginner to advanced.

Teachers You Can Trust

Vetted. Verified. Trusted. Thorough background checks completed!

From classical to jazz, blues to rock and beyond, Forbes Music instructors can tailor a program to meet your needs. Our voice teachers are dedicated to providing you with the best voice lessons at your own pace, and personalized to your goals and interests. As professional music educators, musicians, and performers, Forbes Music teachers are inspiring ambassadors for music and music education. We rigorously vet our teachers and conduct background checks on the municipal, state, and federal levels. Rest assured, we only work with the best in the business!

Voice Lessons In Your Area

We're local and in your area! Learn more about the convenience of in-home voice lessons on your schedule. Forbes Music voice teachers are graduates of the most prestigious institutions and have earned outstanding recognition for their accomplishments both in the classroom and on stage. Where would you like to schedule your lessons?