What Are the Benefits of Playing the Violin?

Learning to play stringed instruments offers unique benefits beyond those that general music can promote. The benefits of learning violin and viola, for example, include physical, mental, and emotional development in ways that not all music or academic subjects can mirror.

Generally speaking, a violinist’s brain has significantly more neural pathway activity than other musicians, constantly forging new pathways and the shifting centers of brain use with ongoing learning. This plasticity has been the center of ongoing research for quite some time.

Physical Benefits of Learning the Violin

Physical benefits of playing violin go well beyond coordination. Development of hand strength, dexterity, coordination and balance are all incredibly important tools central to learning the violin, viola, and cello.

Learning to play a stringed instrument as a child will have a positive, lifelong impact into adulthood. And the benefits of learning violin for adults include these physical attributes as well as maintaining muscle memory, posture, fine motor skills, and muscle stimulation. These benefits all contribute to a healthy lifestyle and mind-body alignment. Consider these key areas of development that are benefits of playing violin:

  • Coordination
  • Young woman playing the violinDexterity
  • Hand Strength
  • Upper Body Strength
  • Posture
  • Balance
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Muscle Tone
  • Muscle Stimulation
  • Endurance

Mental Benefits from Playing the Violin

The mental benefits of playing violin, or music in general, are quite impressive. Music has proven to help manage anxiety, fight depression and engage in better emotional self-control. Because playing music releases dopamine, a musician will experience more positive emotions and relaxation, important for a healthy mind. Learning to play and read music has proven to improve communication skills, reading, writing, and memorization skills. Want higher test scores? Those who learn to play music at a young age experience higher test scores and better school performance than those who don’t.

These benefits lead to higher self-esteem and self confidence. If that wasn’t reason enough to learn to play music, consider that those who learn strings and other musical instruments often have better focus, higher mental processing speeds, and greater working memory capacity. In short, if you want to be happy, smart, and feel good, then learn to play music.

Social Benefits of Learning the Violin

There are also countless emotional and social benefits to learning violin or other string instruments. Music is indeed a language, and this nonverbal communication can lead to a strong sense of belonging with other individuals while playing and performing together. The inherent social activity of playing with a band or orchestra offers a venue to make friends, socialize, and share interests with others.

Young boy playing the cello

This leads to higher self-esteem and better developed social skills than those who have not had experience interacting with large groups. Involvement in performance builds confidence and rapport with others.

Music is a gift that lasts a lifetime and keeps on giving. From building soft skills like communication, socialization, and listening skills, to developing advanced brain functions and improving performance on so many levels, the benefits of playing violin are special and immeasurable. Forbes Music is well adept at working with clients to give them the best chance at success and finding the best teacher for your needs. In short, it’s what we do. 

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